Coming up - One night in Briscock !!! Late Sat nite (31st)

Yo Bris-Vegan’s … I’m gonna be in you this coming Sat. nite. One night only and I got a tight schedule … here’s what’s on the cards:

  • Flying up to Brissy to pick-up/purchase a new (to me) car early Sat evening
  • that should all be sorted by 10pm (maybe earlier)
  • need to park the car somewhere
  • need to watch the World Cup Rugby Final
  • will probs need a few hours sleep
  • heading off the next day to lose myself in Mullumbimby for a few days
  • drive the car back to Sydney

Was going to AirBnb but seems I won’t be getting there till very late and possibly drunkz (again). Too much 'splaining for one night !! :confused:

Maybe I should book a hotel room and invite y’all around to watch the Rugby. Also get Rolly’s to donate much beer as it’s officially the 1st of November and would be a FOA 10th Anni Party, no? ™™™™™

Or should we all meet up in Brissy for beers/kebab’s and footy? Followed by a couch for Uncle Spizz to snore on before heading back over the Tweed?

Would be good to see you all :wink:
I don’t get much time off (smallbizlyfe) so I need to pack it all into one big event.
Cars, footy, FOA-mafia - sounds like a cockfest, but that’s OK.
See you guys soon !!

p.s. Scotty: I love you !! :smiley:

p.p.s. anybody wants to burn me a mixtape (on CD, duh) for the road trip back south ??

feck, I have what is basically the worst couch known to man, but you’re welcome to it, let’s go with that as worst case scenario… I do have an off street/frontyard park if needed too, hadn’t even though about the rugby, but let’s make it happen! I could entertain, again I have the worlds shittest TV (think set top box…) sooooo I’m basically a peasant haha, maybe I can throw antmandans futon mattress in my spare room?

Feck away at Noosa have a ripper weekend dude!

Dear Scotty - in case I didn’t mention: I love’s you !!
But also, happy to get a hotel room & invite you for a night of hi-life :wink:
(will invite others too)

Or … we can just retrace our steps from last July. I’m sure they’ll be broadcasting the Rugby on one of them big screens & if we can get Gyspy to join us that means FOA Beer Money™ !!!

Win/Win and maybe win the Rugby too :wink:

Sure you don’t want a baller leather couch Scott?

I’ll trade the couch in return for getting the dlock back.

Now I just have to plan my outfit … Scotty, what you wearing?

well not that now you’ve gone a shown everyone a video haha basically because i’m such a peasant it’ll be four day old grundies in dirty jeans and whatever tshirt i buy when i get up that day… #bachlife


How long you around for on the Sun Papa… It is Theodore’s 1st Bday party that morning…

just when I thought I’d be able to have a quiet weekend

haha nope thanks, yeah that lock though, when can I get it to you? whoops

Happy Birthday Teddy.
In … as long as there’s a chance of a coffee and I might have dark glasses on.
Maybe brief but I’d love to stop by :wink:

we can do Yoga, talk about feelings, meditate etc … no need to get all Belushi every weekend.
Of course if that’s what you’d like to do :wink:


I’ve got some of gun tote’n country boy mates coming down for the weekend… we should look to combine forces at some stage for mass #messlyf action.

I usually pretend these blowout weekends are a surprise…

Also everyone is invited to the #teddyBillyBdaybash Sunday from 10am at the park under the Story Bridge. I will provide beer and BBQ

Just hit 'em up, son :wink:

not sure about that one, but it’s not my call, email Nickj.

Haha nah that ones on me…