Commercial advertising

I just noticed that NICKJ locked and edited the CellBikes thread in <Parts> for cheap wheelsets:,11881.0.html

Fair enough that there is a no commercial advertising policy on this site. I don’t disagree with it. But if you are going to exercise it then it would be helpful do so consistently, otherwise it seems a bit arbitrary. For example, these two recent threads in <Complete Bikes> haven’t been affected:,11709.0.html,8672.0.html

I would note that these two threads have generated good responses from many users – and are a useful addition to the site, so they probably shouldn’t be arbitrarily locked or removed. I would suggest that if you are to exercise the commercial advertising policy consistently, then perhaps this sort of material should be moved to the <Fixed Gear> section?

Oh, and sorry for multiple threads but I couldn’t reply to the other advertising thread.

Noted, response pending.

I’ve talked about commercial advertising here multiple times… I won’t go into it again, however yes, it should be more consistent. The moderators here can’t see everything all the time, there are too many posts, etc… So, if you see something that is commercial advertising, tell me, or someone who can do something about it.