Commute Fuji Track Comp

Hello forum!!

This is my Fuji Track Comp. I received it as a combined christmas/birthday present unexpectedly haha.

So far most of the components are stock but I have future plans.

Frame: Fuji Track Comp
Wheels: Alex Crostini (I have a rear white B43 coming very soon)
Tyres: Continental 4000S
Crankset: Stock Fuji
Pedals: MKS GR9 with Toshi strap and MKS XL Cage
Cog: Rosseli 17T
Brake: Shimano 105 with Diatech lever

hey man

how does this bike ride ?? by the way it looks awesome !!


thats a gorgeous bike.

hows the ride?


Pretty hands on if I can describe it…I haven’t had the opportunity to sample any other fixed gear bikes out there.

Did a few things recently (all thanks to Sasha @ Pony bikes!):

  • added BOgear Strapons to white oddysey pedals
  • added a rear Velocity B43 with zaffiros
  • changed damaged white handlebar tape to black tape

I’ve learnt alot about fixed gears and bikes in general since I received this as a present. But the most important lesson was about buying off-the-shelf bikes haha. As is repeated everywhere, one would end up changing most of the components which is true in my case as well.

Near future upgrades include:

  • new Crankset/bb
  • new seat

That looks fresh

Fuck yeah those couple of additions make the bike look way better, i got some of those bo straps a couple weeks ago they’re so good

Diggin the white rear. Nice.

The white wheels looks good.
I’m lucky enough not to have bought one of the shelf. Spent a small fortune on parts, frames and shipping.

I also recently bought a black concor seat off wiggle during their Aussie bonus :wink: Can’t wait!

suck build, what do theses fuji’s retail for?

Haha it’s not that fast. Very heavy due to the B43.

are the stock bars track drops or ergo drops?
cuz from other pics they look like ergo drops for some reason

looks shit hot with that colour scheme you got going, white b43 with the white zaffiro is awesome

*bling color scheme :mrgreen:

you should drop coin on a pave saddle.

slick, super comfy an would suit the colour scheme you’re carrying

Riding position looks mean too, that’s a fair way to the drops :slight_smile:

Changed the damaged seat to a San Marco Concor

Looks very sharp, have you considered dropping a link or two out of the chain to push the back wheel into that nice little arc that the frame has.

Its all about clearances :mrgreen: