Commute to Warrandyte

Anyone on here live out that way? I’m hoping to soon.

Anyhoo, suggestions for good commuting routes into the city. Would be happy to add an extra few k’s to the route if it means avoiding busy/non-cycling friendly streets.

Thanks chums

Park rd on to bike path


Depending where in Warrandye you can jump on the Main Yarra trail which will loop down and go parallel to the Eastern Freeway, ending you up at Yara Blvd / Collingwood.

Tame a kangaroo, ride that.

(i always see them when im out that way).

MYT is more pleasant than the roads but a fair bit longer and slower.

I’m minding a house out that way for a few months and use Heidelberg Road in the mornings to save some time. It’s nice coming home along the yarra now daylight savings has kicked in though.