Commuter Cycles

Based in Brunswick, sounds like an interesting concept for a bike store, a bit like Abbotsford Cycles I guess, but for trendier Kronen riding folk :mrgreen::

“Commuter Cycles is a bike workshop dedicated to everyday cyclists. Fixing bikes is what we do. If you love your bike, and ride it to get from A to B, Commuter Cycles is your bike shop.”

I highly recommend this place. Huw is the the NICEST guy, really helpful and doesn’t rip you off. I used to live in this warehouse, too, so it’s got sentimental value, haha.

Un petit oiseau a dit a moi: They’re getting soma frames soon. FYI :wink:

nice guy, friendy and helpful,
great hours 7:30 - 18:30.
deserves support as he seems pretty genuine and is not only interested in you if you want spend big money.