So I built this from scratch.

Spent $50 on a really old, dirty, shit road bike. Spent another $90 and broke it apart, cleaned myself and got it powder coated. Put it back together and bob’s your uncle.

Why do you have no face in that photo? (get it?!!! Y no face?!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Face nor relevant & it’s nor how you make comedy.

looks like Jay (of Jay and silent Bob)

looks clean dude!

All I gotta do is switch the chain ring and cranks over.

yeah that chain ring looks crummy. the drop bars look sick, awesome ride for what you paid.
I converted an old ride to ss but had hard time tensioning the chain and keeping it straight in the dropouts, how’d you go?

Yea already looking into new chain ring and cranks.

The chain is a little off line, but it holds, a single speed rear wheel is also on the list of things to get. I can’t re-dish these ones because the nipples are rusted into the rims, meaning they’d probably snap if I even tried to true the wheel. But that said… it rides very sturdy, got the chain super tight.

Super tight dosn’t sound too good. See what Sheldon (RIP) has to say on the matter…

well it was a new chain so I assumed some loosening would happen, which is did after first ride.

sweet, i also need to get new cranks and new chainring for my SS too. are you from brissie yimmy? ive noticed you post on tKOSM blog

Yea bud, I’m a junior on and off with the guys.