Commuting Capers

Just an idea for a regular thread. A bit like the BV one, except about stupid stuff you did, others did etc. I don’t really care that you beat your PB by up to 30 seconds with an increased wattage.

I’ll start:

Just got totally owned by the green bike lanes. EXTREMELY slippery when wet. An old lady was nice enough to stop and told me it was “those shoes you can’t get out of”.

Excellent idea. HMC and I can then weave any philosophical rumination into it at will.
I put randonneurs on my bike this morning. While I was telling myself what great grip they had compared to the worn out gatorskins I’d just taken off, I slipped turning through the railway underpass at Rushall.

Not to mention the embarrassed limp from the scene, where you always note, trying to look normal, that your seat post is twisted, your bars off centre, and your new bike stack cherry well and truly popped. I was expecting a little more than a week i must say…

Thankfully the only witnesses were the oldies in max security at the retirement village next door. I guess they woulda been tasered by the guards pretty quickly.

Riding to bike shop, get some rim tape. I jump a gutter, and my wheel falls off, because I hadn’t screwed it back on after I took the bike out of the car.
Nice old man came out of his house. We talked about gear ratio’s. He claimed to ride 85 gear inches brakeless, back in his day.

Riding over the new Rushall pipe bridge this morning, coming up behind a numpty in his hi-vis jacket, on a hybrid with panniers and a rear-view mirror hanging off his handlebars. I overtake as we go up the rise past the brick shed towards Park St, after which I hear, in a slow Forrest Gump voice, “Thanks…for…the…warning!”

Me, without turning around, “Try using your mirror mate”.

A couple weeks ago riding home from work (West Essendon to Nth Carlton) It was dark and started raining heavily. Was riding out of a side dtreet into a main road and through a few puddles. The last puddle before the road my bikes front wheel dissapeared. Down a drain that ran parrallel with the road, which was obscured as it looked like another puddle. I went over the bars and fucked my left arm up pretty bad. Wheel was cracked and I ended up in the puddle. I was in pain, so I started to breakdance to make it go away…

Ha! In case of emergency: break dance.

Riding down Swanston St, a cab driver gets out and leaves his door wide open blocking the bike lane. Inspired by the dude in the Mercedes Benz vs Bike Messenger ad, I reach out to close it. Somewhere between lining up the door and negotiating the tram tracks I totally miss the door and the momentum from my swinging arm nearly puts me on the asphalt. Manage to hold it, but look like a total dick in the process.

the painted green ones or the new, skin shredding, grippy, crushed glass ones? considering what they do to skidding tyres i’m hoping i never go down on those things

Painted green ones. There are some on campus where it happened. Such a dumb, dumb thing. It’s not like I’m new to this whole riding caper.
It’ll be funny once my right thigh stops aching.



What does your uni degree say Brendan? Bachelor o farts?

graduated magna cum laude but blamed the cat.

heh, you said cum.

I’m glad we’re not all in the same room together.

hey all you mods, stay on topic and tell me about your dumb stacks!

can we talk about other stacks, incidents we’ve seen, or just our own?

it’s my new way of getting around the ten letter minimum.

and sometimes it’s just fun.

usually the funniest are others…

or just use this brendan