compressionless brake housing.

I’ll double check this arv to see what colours I have and let you know. I don’t have any gear cable housing, soz.

Anyone know where I can get some of this stuff at the moment? Only stuff I can find available is the jagwire pro full cable kit, which has compressionless housing in it apparently…

What colour do you want? I can probably help you out for the cost of postage and a tall beer.

Jezza I think I got some of this in the parts bin but I’m northsyde so probably a bit of a hike for cables.

Chasing black, enough to do front and rear brakes with full run (frame is made to suit hydros)

Probably a tall ask!

No black, I’ve only got a couple of ridiculous blue/green variations.

I am not sure that the jagwire kit will have the length for a full run either TBH, would prefer just to buy 3 or 4m of something off a roll but having trouble finding it

Might pop in and ask at the LBS

Just slip a jagwire double ended connecting ferrule in the run, with the cleanest cut ends you can manage.

Find a shop that has the ‘ultegra’
Level brake housing on a roll, r680 or something, not as stiff as the Odyssey but black and can get lengths off a roll.

NRG at jindalee homebase has shimano housing by the metre

BC-R680 outer. It’s tops

Did not know Shimano had a compressionless housing

Ill check at the LBS then :slight_smile:

Jez, remind me to have a look tonight, I may have one of those BC-R680 sets in my spares.

It’s not compressionless but very good.

I looked, turns out I only have a new Nexus set for Nicole’s Electra Townie and some hydro hose. Sorry man.