compressionless brake housing.


In such awesome colours as Tableside Guacamole green, Banole test team Blue, Nikceefoam green and Catch you Slate-er blue.

$5.50 a pop, much cheaper than yokozuna, 75% off normal prices, and strong like bull:


You’re awesome Blakey

I don’t think I need compressionless? But it is cheap. Should I buy it over regular shimano?

No good for road brifters/levers, but good for flat-bar setups and BMX.

It’s fine for road setups if you sub in a road stainless inner, you’re really buying it for the outer.

must have for cable discs, doesn’t hurt for other brakes.

What does ‘compressionless’ mean- for instance is Shimano Dura Ace outer the same in principle??

yes, but you know what people are like.

‘compressionless’ - precisely that. squeeze your brakes (with da cabling) onto the rim annd then squeeze a bit more. watch the outer flex as it compresses. as the video tries to show, the odyssey stuff will flex less, notionally not at all.

gear outer is compressionless because the housing is made of fine metal wires that run in line with the inner. brake cable inherently flexes because it is made of a coil of wire. this has been the case traditionally, because the cables used in gear outer had a habit of exploding, which is not ideal, the tiny bit of compression in coiled cabling would be enough to stop them exploding. exploded gear cables aren’t a safety issue, just annoying so thats why they get them (you also use far less force in changing gears).

ime, normal brake outer also gives more modulation, compressionless housing gives you very much an on/off feel

i am thinking of going back to compressionless

FYI, after I posted this, the price went to $6, and then $11/ea, but nikcee just tipped me off, it’s on sale for $0.99 each at pushys right now, $10 shipping.

stock won’t last!

ODYSSEY Brake Cable Linear Slic-Kable 60-65" 1.5mm

I knew I should have jumped on this last year. I’m putting some mechanical discs on and figure compressionless is the way to go. Did anyone buy too much and have two housings they don’t need?

I’ll hook you up.


While this theread is at the top: any Sydney bros need compressionless housing I can hook you up. Bought a shitload.

How ugly is the colour?

Danny I have a good selection of ugly colours for you. Guacamole and teal.

Avocado, sea foam, or something just as bad.

can attest to ugliness/coolness of avocado, sourced mine from heavvymetal!

Actually yes I do need some brake housing, and gear cable housing too if you have enough. The green sounds great! email me or I will mail you tomorrow.

I see many more fun games of bike shop bingo in your future Simon.