Computers are like bikes..seriously!

Everyone has owned at least one PC bike that came standard with Windows Shimano. Whether it came with something bulletproof like Windows 2000 Shimano XT, or the newer, overpriced gadget that is Windows Vista Dura Ace Di2, we’re all familiar with it. But of course, Windows Shimano is not at all new, and has had some pretty innovative ideas over time. Between 1983-1985, Windows Shimano would introduce their all-new Windows 1.0 Operating System SIS (Shimano Index System), which at the time was one of the first of its kind, sharing similar features with their closest competitor Apple Campagnolo. Over time, these operating systems groupsets would get more and more sophisticated and user-friendly, and would eventually include standards which would make other programs components compatible.

So what about those of us that don’t like Windows Shimano, and want something with a bit more wank-factor? You buy an Apple Campagnolo of course! There’s a lot out there who don’t like the price or pretentiousness associated with Apple Campagnolo, but those who own a Mac Campagnolo product will be the first to tell you that it’s easily better than your piece-of-shit Windows Shimano-based computer bike, and that it’s surely time for you to upgrade. And those that love Windows Shimano will be more than happy to tell those wankers over in California Vicenza that their products are over-priced, incompatible with anything else on the market, and a waste of time. In retort, Mac Campagnolo fans will then point out that their OS drivetrain never crashes wears out, and it can actually cheaper in the long run and longer lasting, you idiot.

Then there’s the people who want to be totally different, and want to take it back to basics. They want a computer bike that only has the basics, in order to minimise costs, because often their job depends on them having a working computer bike, and they can’t afford to wait 10 minutes while their computer reboots they change a tube, when they’ve got customers counting on them to be on time. There’s a really simple solution to this: you get yourself Linux a fixed gear bicycle. When it comes to customisation, your only limit is your imagination. Starting as a popular operating system form of transport for servers bicycle couriers, its popularity among the general community is increasing.

Finally, as we head into the next age of computers bikes, we’ll shortly see other operating systems groupsets being released to the public, including offerings from Google FSA. We look forward to seeing what these are like!

you’re looking too far into it man…

haha that kind of works.

pity linux doesn’t have hipster value outside the computer world - but maybe that time will come?

Haha it wouldn’t at all surprise me if it eventually did!

im pretty sure linux is the hipster crowd of nerds.