Concorde Aquila

Well it’s been about a year since there was any movement on this project, but I have finally pulled the digit out and have got some momentum.

The frame, I bought from the Netherlands for a steal two years ago and since then I have been picking up the bits a pieces along the way.

Frame: Made in Italy by CIOCC. Columbus tubing with nice details. Campagnolo dropouts. I don’t think it is SLX, as I cannot specifically see any rifeling up the tubes, although documentation I have read on the web suggests that this may be the case.

Framesize: seat tube c-t 58.5, top tube c-c 62.5

Groupset is a Campy Record C, 8spd
Modern Cinelli cockpit

Wheels: I have a set of C Record hubs laced to Mavic tubulars, which I intend on putting on it. But have short cut with some Campy clinchers that a mate has given me to get me going.

I just have to cable the brakes and tape the bars and I am good to go. Looks great, i just hope it rides as well.

^ Hot.

Re: SLX - did you stick your finger up the inside of the seat tube where it meets the BB shell? You can usually feel the ridges - they are hard to see just simply looking down the seat tube.

Really nice

^^ next time I have the BB out I’ll see what i can feel.

And thanks.


Love it, looks sexy. I love frames that have the race number braze on , on them.

Brakes cabled up and ajusted. May need to tweek the clearance and the heal/toe of the pads, but looking good.

Rear Brake

Front Brake

I did try the cabling up out the top of the levers but it just didn’t work. There is a self ajustment slot for the cable stopper on the lever and by going out the top the stopper slides to the rear resulting in a very small amount of cable movement for full lever movement. So along the bars it is.

Just need to tape up now and take it for a test ride. If I can buy some white elec tape this afternoon, I should get out tomorrow or Friday mroning. Woooohoooo.