Concorde frame/fork Columbus Aelle - 61cm Perth Gumtree

EDIT** its a 58cm tt… not 61 as per my title

The bloke had it at 550 a week ago, currently at $490ono.

Not cheap, but someone have a crack anyway!

‘Concorde’ frameset, Columbus tubing $490 ono | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Winthrop

That is way too tempting…

haha I emailed him about getting the turbo saddle separately and I got this reply…

" it s a very rare saddle. Just some info regarding the saddle: It isn’t the normal turbo saddle with printed lettering (TURBO) on each side, which was the more common one, It is the ‘Turbo Special’ which had the lettering embossed into copper plating and then wrapped around the nose and rear of the seat dating from around '89/'90/'91ish. I’m not sure which one you are actually after but you are welcome to have a look if you want."

so you get a lovely frame and a lovely saddle

i regrettably sold a turbo ‘special’ saddle with the clear plastic wrapping on the nose and behind, they are indeed special, my behind misses it dearly.

My 49cm square Columbus Aelle frame weighs a ridiculous amount… This would have to weigh an even more ridiculous amount.

as in it’s light or heavy?

my size and i do like the black/white fade.

but i don’t think buying a second new frame before the other one arrives in the mail is a good approach to money/bike life balance.

As in heavy. It may as well be made out of drain pipe.

Wow… I sold mine because my taint couldn’t hack it.

Heavy… aelle = gas pipe!

I can vouch for this. My 58ish Aelle road conversion, although a very nice ride, isn’t particularly light.

That is a very nice looking frame though