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80’s Concorde Colombo frame 58 cm | eBay


Doubt it. Every Concorde I’ve seen has been laden with pantos. Still looks pretty nice for $295.

Head tube lugs are different from almost all Colombo’s googled. If it is a Colombo, its Aelle. $295? Not gonna get my wallet opening.

Almost looks redolent of a tecnotrat frame, with those lugs, and that fork

Looks like some of the older models didn’t have any panto’ing.

Could be legit. New paint (doesn’t look like it’s fresh from the painter) and decals could cost the asking price alone.

Which may well be true, and not a bad thing … Some Concorde’s were made by Ciocc and panto’d, I’m guessing others may have been made by other small makers to order/contract. Heck even Colnago farmed/outsourced production for many years rather than make stuff in house.

Here’s a NOS Concorde from a reputable dealer which doesn’t have any panto’s.
Vintage Gazelle Formula Frame NEW OLD STOCK