Condor Cycles

They are a bike shop, they have a book, and they make TIG welded aluminium complete bikes

Past Present Future - a book by Condor | feature-stories

What are Condor Cycles? Some of their steel bikes look pretty sweet:

Yep - one of the better bike stores in London.

Teamed up with Rapha to create a pretty good UK team too Rapha Condor Sharp: home

The best bike shop in London.

Just found christmas pres, thx.

Their Super Acciaio frameset is a pretty serious-looking steel rig.

Monty Young I think was his name, an amazing builder- possibly one of the greatest in a time when there were so many incredible frame builders already in the area.
The shop was one of a kind- it is very close to the city itself, and so from very early on attracted the city / wealthier types- I guess the first coffee shop riders? Not that there were many coffee shops around the Uk in the 70’s and 80’s.
The Grade 1 seniors I rode with when I first started in the early 70’s all had Condors, they were innovative- closer clearance, steeper angles- and looked the bee’s roller-skates. I know Monty won several awards, and acclaim from all over the world. I wish I could remember more- I know I would lust after their ads in “the comic” (Cycling weekly) and just think, maybe one day.

There is a picture of Mick Jagger on one of there bikes in the store.

If we are talking about superstars then I think Eric Clapton on a Condor is also worth mentioning???

Lies! Evans is way better…

A friend of mine rides a sweet condor pista, single speed, as his commuter.

F.W. Evans first shop was next to the Kennington Ova,Vauxhall. Bob arnold was the manager there for many years.
An incredible rider that rode to many victories but left competition to concentrate on working at Evans, and raising a family.I believe he was offered a place in the tour of britain, but turned it down as he was not quite 20.
Unlike Condor, Evans did not make any frames inhouse, but I am prettty sure the did have some ones with their name on? Need to check that too.

( Shit I know so much shit about all kinds of shit)

I visited Condor Cycles in July to buy a couple of 27t miche cassettes for the Alps - this shop is amazing. Best I’ve had the privilege of visiting with just about everything you could ever want in there.

Nice people running it too.