Convering on-one SS to 1x10? possible or headache?

Hey guys pretty much as the title says, my on-one SS got stripped and everything taken apart from the phil wheelset and frame. Wondering if its possible to rebuild as 1x10 or just sell the frame and wheelset and start over?


What kind of OnOne?
If it’s a single speed specific frame with rear facing dropouts you’re out of luck.

If not, then you’re good to go.

Depending on the above, you’ll need a new rear wheel too.

Ok cool cheers, looks like itll be best to sell as parts and start over! thanks

If it’s a 130/132.5/135 spaced one you should be good with that, and new wheelset.

I used to have an All City Nature Boy Set up 1x10 with one of those DMR hangers - worked great.

Have done the same conversion on an on one pompino, with a dmr thingo.

Wouldnt bother doing it again.

was it easy to set up with track drop outs? I have the 120mm spaced pompino.

This was 130 spaced older model. 120 is much harder and you most likely wont get a full 10 speed cassette in there, even with lots of painful wok arounds. This will also typically end up more expensive an perform worse than just buying a new frame.

A how-to conversion thread? But in reverse? I haven’t been keeping up with FOA lately, so this feels like some sort of alternate upside-down return of 2009.

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It’s called a gearsie conversion


So this is trend that happens after bikepacking

I’m still dark that mini velo and fat bikes didn’t get a proper run. My next call is electric mountain bikes…

I’m down for mini velos (but not folding bikes)

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Mini velo is coming. I swear. Give it 1-2 years max.
Gravel mini’s. All the rage.
Threads full of people looking for 20" skin walls.

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Just scooped a cheap tokyo bikes mini velo for my housemate. She has no idea how ahead of the curve she is.

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Those Neutrinos are so fucking hot.
The Dudes at Blue Lug Tokyo have been doing some sick builds with them.


awesome thanks for the heads up on the mini velos, i’ll make sure i jump onto that instead since im a bit late on the 1x10 bike packing phase :wink:

Easy answer, Maxxis DTH, Grifter or Torch depending on what city grip pattern you want. If it’s knobbies than its Tioga Comp 3’s.

Electric Fat Cargo Bikes is my call.