Converting a recessed brake set to nutted

Ok so I’ve got an old frame that I’d like to fit up with some shimano br650 brakes. The frame would have taken nutted, the brakes are recessed… I know that the frame can be converted to run recessed but is it an option to convert the brakes to nutted?

How easy is the brake mod option or would you recommend sticking with the frame mod?


Converting the frame isn’t always easy, as the rear might not be able to be modded,
Converting the brakes is also tricky unless you can find the matching brake mount bolts, it’s easiest for Tektro as they have nutted options to cannabalise from.

In order

  1. Buy nutted brakes
  2. Buy two front recessed brakes and drill out the back side of the fork for recessed mount and use a washer/nyloc on the rear.
  3. Buy a pair of recessed brakes and use the front on the rear with a nut, drill the rear of the fork and use and the rear brake on the front with a very long recessed mount bolt.

Done. Nutted brakes on way, thanks Brakey (did everyone see what I did with that??? Of course not, who the hell is keeping an eye on the thread.)

I was kinda hoping for a McGuyver solution like; grab a griddle, half a cheeseburger and a yard of fishing line and you’re good to go. Looks like sense has got in the way again

too late now, but I did number 3 on brakey’s list.

turned out good.

On cheap frames I have been known to do number 3…

Currently building using Number 1 on Blakey’s list. Built up using Number 3 on another bike recently and all is ticketyboo. Just be careful grinding/cutting down your extra long brake nut that you don’t cut it too short slash maximise its bite.