Convict 100 - Riding Stromlo

Rode Stromlo last night and a lot of the main trail is marked out already with the pink tape. Saturday is a no go, Sunday would be fine.

So you are thinking its still worth coming down for Sunday/Monday as the trails we’ll be riding are not packed at all? Weather looks good to pack my tent and give it a go.

Yeah for sure.

  1. I have never ridden Stromlo and thought ‘Fuck, that was busy’.
  2. It is one way, so you never get traffic coming at you from head on.
  3. There is about 100kms of single track out there, most people ride a 10-20kms loop
  4. Long weekend in Canberra means that a lot of people end up going away
  5. Those people that came to Canberra for Capital Punishment would be over riding on Sunday
  6. Because.

Majura is also marked up.

Rode Majura for the first time two nights ago. Good fun, pine trees are a nice change from ye ole ozzie bush. First proper stack in ages too :wink:

We got the contract to do the new signage for Majura. Yew!

nice on all fronts! I binned it massively at Majura a few weeks ago, and the corner/stump combo that was partly responsible has now been changed/buried. new flow track off to the right after boy wonder is fun! ends in grassy patch and no trail, which is also fun-ny. I heard that the harder XC on the side of the main slope is back open (new years resolution, etc) is also back open, but I didnt realise til this morn. Might try to head out this weekend at some point. What time are you dudes meeting at strommers?

I’m keen on both Majura/stromlo this weekend.

I am really keen to hit up some new Majura stuff. Maybe we need our own Canberra thread back…

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Marc - are you in canberra today?

Nope Im not. I was riding Ourimbah all morning yesterday and am still toasted. Decided its to hot out your way to ride all day and I am not coming down to sit in the shade :wink: Its still the plan for one of the next weekends though, taking a day off and make it a long one. That said, if you are ever up my way, lets ride Ourimbah. Its actually worth just coming up TO ride it in my opinion. Was my first time and I had a local showing me around. The DH and AM track are just awesome, a bit more natural and rougher than Stromlo, just what I’m used to ride back in Europe. Still stoked and everything still hurts just a bit.