Cool bike shops in NZ?

I’m going on a trip to the south island of New Zealand courtesy of work in August and am wondering if there are any cool bike shops worth checking out?


Hmm, all the decent ones I remember from CHCH are gone post quake, or maybe there just weren’t any good ones to start with. . .

If you really want to visit one, Road Racing Bicycles Christchurch, Quality Bikes Christchurch, Children Cycles Christchurch - Cycle Trading Company, Christchurch, New Zealand I got some parts from this place last time I was home, had some P-farthings outside and a tandem, owned by a guy in his 60s, old school bike shop.

Nelson has got a pretty good bike scene from memory. . .

also, are you gonna have any time off during the trip, could alway rent a bike… .

Don’t think they have a shop but Bishop Path Racers in Christchurch have some pretty trick old bikes. I’d look them up.


PM Nacnud.

User Moglix is in CHCH.

Second Cycle Trading Co in CHCH. We went there on our recent brevet trip - old dude was super cool and just wanted to chat about old bikes all the time. Had a massive box of old Sturmey Archer parts, was into Raleighs like me so we nerded it up. He’s basically a Kiwi Sheldon Brown.

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PM him too.

& wuwu

are we talking about the same place? behind a mall in town near on a side street?

the guy managed to not only have a 15 yr old tool (that had never been used) to take off my Dura ace freehub body but actually source a new one! (I had no luck searching for one on the net)

if you don’t mind me asking what brevet event were you in chch for? not the kiwi dirt brevet?

Cheers for all the tips! Keen on checking out some of the old-school vintage places.

No doubt I’ll be busy extreme adventure sporting, but it’s nice to know :wink:

Sounds like the same place. My girl and I were there for the Kiwi Brevet, which is largely dirt, starting and finishing in Blenheim. Fun stuff, next time I’m riding it with a friend on fixed mtbs, we’ll be the first. There have been a few SS riders though, tough stuff in the hills.

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