Cool little Kuwahara SA

Anybody after a small road frame?

KUWAHARA JAPANESE MADE ROAD BIKE FRAME/FORK | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Marion Area - Edwardstown

faaarkk that’s rad!!

i’ve text gene, he was after a small road frame for his lady.

i’m tempted for my girlfriend though!!

Wow I would actually have lost my shit if this was a 56+…

have emailed/called/text.

anyone in adelaide able to check it out/post if it’s still available??

be ya best friend…

it’s in edwardstown

If it had a front derailer braze on I’d be all over this for my lady. Looks awesome!

really, thats a deal killer?

I’ve got an kuwahara made apollo, its nice, though not as nice as this.

No racks on this one Rolly?

PM JLN p’raps. Or post a handwritten note on instagram for him.

Yeah I’ve got a groupset ready to go for the right frame. I’ve never used any kind of clamp on adapter before, not sure if they are any good.

larfinboy has pm’d me, he’s only 5 mins from the seller :slight_smile:

no racks no, but i think it’s too badass to not have a crack! can always move it on to the right person if it isn’t suitable.

still need to chat to gene about it anyway… figured if he was at work it could go before he even had a chance to check it out!

They’re fine. Better than a braze on in a lot of cases, as they don’t weaken the tube, plus you can adjust height and angle to allow for compact / regular.

If it was a 56+ I wouldn’t have told any of you schmucks and kept it for myself

ignore blakey, you don’t want it… :wink:

NAh nah I think I’m starting to come around to this idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Serious though, much appreciated Blakey. It broadens my options a lot.

I had the black version of this frame. same fade, same decals, but black. loved it. Snapped at the headtube one day. Really bummed me out.

spoke to the guy, said i’d take it once larfinboy has had a look this arvo. he was happy with that.

larfinboy, you have a pm.

Here’s another from the same seller. Twice the size, half as cool, half the price. Looks to be decent quality though.

Lightweight Road Frame and Fork | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Marion Area - Edwardstown

I forwarded that to John Kennedy after his SS beater got bent after a taxi hit him… and kept driving.

Probably should be a new thread, but while we’re the topic of small Japanse built bikes for sale in SA, here’s a cheapish Miyata which looks to be in pretty good nick. Can’t say I know much about the 110 model though.

Miyata 110 Steel Road Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Adelaide City - Adelaide CBD

ALL THE KUWAHARAS ARE MINE (but probably more likely gene’s girlfriends…)

Sorted. This is now in my possession. FoA mafia strikes again.