Cool MTB vid...

If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This - Afrojacks.flv - StumbleUpon


Great vid.

thats pretty bad ass

“I am norby straight out of PG” wicked movie in 30 years MTB has moved on a bit.

That vid is old as the hills but still my favourite section ever. Just makes me want to go out and hit the dirt.

I bet they all wear flat caps.

Yer its a sweet vid, bit of shame that we don’t have those kind of trails in Australia.

i can almost guarantee this.

PG = Prince George = serious hicksville.

I have this on DVD. It is from Kranked 8: Revolve.

Kranked 8 : Revolve - Radical Films - OFFICIAL MTB Trailer - YouTube

The riders are known as “The Coastal Crew”

Coastal Crew

Check this vid out :wink:

The latest from the Coastal Crew. Mental.


Been watching the previews for this for the last few months. Fark’n pumped for it to come out. These kids just know how to get you pumped to head out and ride.

Watched 3 Minute Gaps yesterday. Boring. Very disappoint.

get thee to Cairns…

Will do :smiley:

Loved the train gap, those dudes are freakin bandits.

…starts searching for a digital copy of (Adelaide) Greenhill road gap filmed about ten years ago…
got it on video somewhere.

This one?
Downhill Mountain Bike Jumping Greenhill Road Gap - YouTube