Cool or what not?

I was going through my garage today for some drill bits (still unfound) and came across something I had not seen for maybe 20 years.

It is heavy and largely ineffective, but since vintage mtb is the new fixed/rando/tarck/commuter/etc., is it retro cool?
I expect some insight from Horatio.

Oh, and I found a pair of gummy hoods for non-aero brake levers, still in their packet. Price was $4.25.

Needs to be coupled with Cane Creek Thudbuster for mad lolz.

Very cool! How does it work??

Not very well, makes you bars feel as though they are bending.
Still in 1990, it was all the suspension I could afford.

elastomer… yikes!

yeah, elastomers, the early frontier for suspension.
My early Manitous, RST and Rock Shox all had elastomers.
I remember being very impressed by a by first pair of Marzocchi’s. Z1’s with an oil bath, so smooth.

People have ridden v hard and fast on those things.

I’ve only used a softride stem, and as mentioned above, it definitely twists a bit, but you get used to it. I think its actually a great way to go for a lot of XC riding. 400g stem + 730g fork is a combination that is hard (impossible?) to beat with modern suspension forks.

Unless you’ve got a Headshok or Lefty fork! :smiley:

  1. I dont know of any lefty under 1kg, and
  2. A lefty has approximately 40% less space for sick stickerz.

But anyway, girvin is kind of cool, in IMHO.