Cootha morning

lol cool video dan. but u cut out the overtaking of cars. i just read your signature thing under your post… made me laugh

would come tomoz but i gotta get new tire b4 i go too far. chances of that happning b4 6:30 are beyond slim

Cheers mate. It’s funny I cut it out because I’m overtaking on double white lines, and plus I wanted to show it to my mum ;). When I think about it though most cars overtake me on the way up over double white so why shouldn’t I overtake them back? Do two wrongs make a right?

Sorry I didn’t make it Ryan. Got home late from track and was absolutely destroyed. Battling a cold as well which is not cool.

I ended up taking the opportunity for a sleep in… I followed your bikely up to Caloundra on Sunday, had a few beers and a big feed then found out how infrequently trains come to Landsborough. Ended up racing daylight back to Brisbane and am still feeling a bit sore. That, 30 hours work over mon/tues and threatening rain made it all too hard.

anyone keen to get this happening again?

I’m heading out Wednesday morning. 6:15am on the bridge for 2 laps before rolling back into the city by 7:30.