Cootha morning

Hey guys. I’m doing a quick run up Cootha tomorrow (Thursday) before work. I’m thinking of a 7:15am meet-up on the river side of the western freeway bicycle flyover bridge. I’m running gears but if you think you’ve got the ratio (or the legs) then I’m happy to have you along. Who’s keen?

yeah - i’ll be there. somehow. i reckon 7 is better, just cause ryan wanted 6:20.

Alright 7 it is then.

Slept through the alarm this morning…

is anyone keen to make this a weekly thing? It looks like can push back work on Wednesday till a bit later.

7am Wednesday mornings on the overpass?

fuck shoulda got up and checked forum this morn. couldnt sleep past 6. would be keen to give it a go at some stage though

fuk off douchebag - the only time you’re up that early is if you’re still cranked from the night before!


Keen for a regular thing. 7am at the overpass is good with me.

Heads up boys. 7am at the overpass tomorrow morning. Be there!

See you there!

I’ll be on the overpass at 6:30am tomorrow morning if anyone is keen for a loop before work.

Can’t make it sorry mate.

I’m not Cootha-ing tomorrow boys.

I’m still heading out - but probably a bit earlier as I’ve got an 8:30. Went this morning at 5 and it was still pitch black when I got to the base. Bit sketchy with just a knog fog on the front.

Overpass at 6:15 if anyone feels like a ride.

I’ve got track tonight but am still keen on a quick loop in the morning. Shirts was keen to have a crack fixed as well. Overpass at 6:45am sound ok? That should see us back at the overpass at 7:15 and then onto our respective workplaces.

Yep in, see you there!

Quick edit of the ride this morning.


let me know when the next time you heading out is, id be interested in heading out.

haha nice one Dan. Still looks like we are doing 30 down a 1% though. Can’t believe you edited out your car sandwich while overtaking round that bend!

seems to be most Wednesday’s - I usually head out a few times a week. I’ll be at the bridge at 6:15am tomorrow if you (or anyone else) is keen.

Yeah I should have sped it up by about 25% or something! I was hitting a fair speed down there and you are right it does look lame still. Just experimenting with the camera setup though to see what works.

What car sandwich? I have no idea what you are talking about :wink:

anyone keen for a ride tomorrow? I’ll be on the bridge at 6:30.