Cop a Fine?

Has anyone in the ACT copped a fine on the bike?

Nah, but i did get one in Perth for jaywalking

I got breath tested once, but never a fine.

Do you have to provide a breath sample in the ACT? In VIC you don’t.

It’s against the law to actually breath test a cyclist, apparently.

The power to conduct random breath tests by police is provided for in Schedule 3 of the Road Transport Act 2013. However these powers only relate to motor vehicles, and do not apply to cyclists.

Source: Drink Cycling and the Law - Streeton Lawyers

^that’s NSW law. I don’t know the ACT law, but I’m guessing there’s variations between the states

QLD has the same thing.

Can you confirm then Geoff that we can get done for speeding, via say, a hand held device, whilst say, tearing down Mt Cootha :wink:

Division 2.2
Alcohol—screening tests
8 Power to require alcohol screening test if vehicle not involved in accident––driver and driver trainer
(1) A police officer may require a person to undergo 1 or more alcohol screening tests in accordance with the directions of that officer if—
(a) the person is––
(i) the driver of a motor vehicle on a road or road related area.

However, it is an offense to ride intoxicated or drink while riding, and they can take a blood sample if you are in an accident.

I got clocked on one of those “check your speed” things riding into Duntroon the other day. Was going a measly 24 but suprised it showed up.

The one along majura got me at about 45 one morning…:cool:

Yeah I posted a while ago about it, on my commute to work near the Japanese Gardens. Good times.

Maybe you won’t get fined for not wearing a helmet in the near future.

Pretty much 50% of people in the city and ANU (right next to the CBD) don’t wear a helmet anyway.

Interesting. Poor Shane is gonna cop criticism aplenty on that one.

I wonder how the small-government ‘liberals’ will react.

Check your Strava before the police do.

GPS is notoriously glitchy, I once did 60-80 km an hr up mt buffalo, I rode straight across the yarra and back last week (without a bridge). Tell em their dreaming for using this as evidential data…

Yeh, some friends at work who do actually provide location information for police in court etc., can guarantee it’s nowhere near accurate enough to be in admissible in court.

sign these ppl up to advanced cycling programs before fining them…

holy boop, +400km/h