Cops and Convicts - Alleycat - 18-2-2012

From the dudes who bought you Riddle me that Alleycat now bring you: Cops and Convicts - Alleycat - 18-2-2012

Be there.

Dress to impress to the theme (or you can forfeit a gold coin for not making any effort) and get yourself and your trusty bespoke bicycle down to Hyde Park on the 18th for some bicycle related shennagians. Be there no later then 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

We’ll be finishing up at ZEN GARAGE after the alleycat is finished for some more fun, games and socialising.
There’s plently of swag to go around so DRESS TO IMPRESS… Catergory prizes, as well as spot prizes will be given out on the night.

If you have any queries or question please feel free to ask here or contact me at:

I’m sure I’ll find a reason to not be able to attend. I’ve been a totally cool dude and invited everyone I know who rides bikes. I am keeeeeeeen.

I’m around for this. Might dust off the tarck bike and get the cutoffs out of mothballs.

Damn I’m away that weekend. Looks good though.

Checkpointers also wanted. Enquire within.

I’ll checkpoint for shizzle. Will just confirm with the wife tonight if we’re free that night.

Pretty sure Ill be there, might just checkpoint cause I get lost too easy but will let you know.

As before checkpointers will be paired up (at the minimium) so they can chat to someone.

Woooooooo. Whipskids!!!

Hells yeah I’m there!

yes yes yes… might even try to get my old man on the softride out as he bailed last time.

Can we get SKanye to ride the 5kg bike?

Just wanderin u want me to weared Pink undies or black undies…

Should be good for this. Happy to help checkpoint.

Either, just make sure they’re lacy.

Lorday, No poster?

Poster to come. I’m waiting to confirm ALL sponsers and starting place to avoid confusion. Should be here by the end of week as the design part of it is done.

Hmmm it’s not really an alley cat weapon. The old Perkins has earned a good fistful of spoke cards I’d come and hang out with Rhys though

I don’t get so pissed any more that I think riding a brakeless tarck bike around Sydney on a busy Saturday night is all that clever

Easy answer none!

You’re cleary pissed if you think that racing a brakeless track bike around sydney on a busy saturday night isn’t a good idea.

been there done that enough times too know it’s not that smart at this stage of my life…

did teach me a whole lota good bike handling skills but the last close encounter with a carless fuck wit driver was one close encounter enough.

i’m not preaching either its just not my bag any more, it was and my self and a whole bunch of other members of had a very drunken blast. but that was another time :wink: