Cops stopping cyclists on Chapel St

just got lunch on chapel street and saw a bunch of cops stopping cyclists.
one woman got done for no helmet
then on the way back i saw a guy on a FG, front brake-equipped, getting the 3rd degree. the guy had his helmet off and the cops were asking where the Australian Standard sticker was WTF?

i don’t know if they were fucking with him just cos they couldn’t get him for no brakes, undoubtedly he would’ve got done for no bell

i hate that bell law!!

and I move in two blocks from Chapel St in a week… super…

Copy and pasted from missed connections so it doesn’t get sidetracked:

Yo, that was me…

Went into the pedestrian crossing at the red and got fined for that - $270. Unfortunately I suppose in the eyes of the law it’s fair enough since all vehicles are the same.

He also started writing a ticket up when he couldn’t see the aus/nz standards sticker on my helmet despite me pointing it out. He eventually saw it when I pointed it out a second time and said “damn” ← really shows the attitude of some cops

It’s also worth noting that when I said I didn’t have any ID he said “there’s nothing stopping me arresting you right now” for no reason other than to intimidate me, considering he didn’t end up arresting me.

EDIT: Also loled at the other cop asking if I would do that in a car

wow, vic cops are nazis.
nsw cops don’t give a rats arse: the lights in front of redfern copshop is one of the most often run set of lights in sydney, and there’s always at least a couple of the finest milling around the front. i guess they actually do worry about more important stuff around here. :smiley:

I brought all my helmets over from the US, so I guess it’s inevitable I’ll get done for now AUS/NZ sticker. I also don’t have a bell, but I have a voice, and at times that can be just effective as the damn bell.

Your cops are much nicer than our cops in the US though. In the US they’ve already prosecuted you once they’ve made the stop. But they couldn’t be bothered with bicycles nor do many of them know what the bicycle laws even are.

Hopefully they’ll be gone tonight, because I’ll be commuting down Chapel St. (Black Fixie)

they’d have to in redfern

and I move in two blocks from Chapel St in a week… super…

i’ve never seen them do it around here before and i’ve lived in Prahran for 3 years.
i’m sure they won’t be there again for a good while now.
they were definitely there to specifically get cyclists though

It’s good they didn’t do you for no bell. or did you actually have one?

I dont actually have a standards sticker on my Met, but i dont remember taking it off either!?
Could be an issue one day.

My understanding with standards and helmets is that while you may ‘get’ a ticket… you will should be able to challenge it if you can prove that it is standards approved or that the country’s specific standard applies in australia.

i remember reading up on it in another discussion about using foreign-bought helmets in local races.

i’m from melbourne and have been living in sydney for the last 6 months…and man, the cops here are soooo lax. it’s great!
i smash around traffic all the time, go around cop cars at red lights etc, and nothing, never get pulled up…except for one time riding up anzac pde and smashed it between two buses then through a red at a T intersection. I could see there was no cars coming… but as i’m riding down the road i hear the sirens, i stop… he swore his head off at me… then drove off

(the chick cop in the car was real hot too)

riding around melbourne i always road with more fear of cops than of traffic.

Thanks for adding that vital bit of information, it made your story a step up from the rest bro.