Corima F+R Discs > Buy and split

Hey, just throwing this out there… A pair of Corima discs has come up on the bay. I’ve got the exact rear but could be interests in the front for next year and beyond. SO you keen on the rear? Wanna combine forces? OOI your looking at about $1400 AUD for a new rear and they have no stock. Anyway lets chat if your interested…

Link here

You going for the hour record?

Hahaha yeah, nah. But I am legit lifting hard with the goal of a state masters sprint title before 40. So if potential deals come along I’m gonna try get on board.

Hmm if anyone wants the rear, they could nab this at the same time and get a complete.

geoff I think duggy wants the front, and that prolite disc isn’t included in that sale

Have you seen the hub n axels on those things bro… They nasty

That’s the point Scott, the Felt comes with no rear and Dug doesn’t want the Corima rear.

Or did I miss something?

Ahhh I get it, so person B would make two purchases…

Yep, that’s it.


Double disc for outdoor sprints?
I think your original idea of a 3spoke/4spoke would be quicker or even a shamal

But actually although not best actual option double disc will look good and Yolo

Ahh bro, this time next year we’ll be in the new indoor next door hey… still want the 4 spoke. F Disc would just be for Flying 2’s and Kilo’s.

Really? Original plan had a 2016 start date and a late 2017/18 completion so it’s now finishing dec 16?

They say the steelwork will be up by Christmas, construction programme looks to be hitting PC in about 12 months…!

Pretty mad looking venue too, Vic be waayy jelly…

Yep, here bro… original talk said Mid new year… but, you know builders :wink:

Also, the track needs a years worth of weather cycle (don’t dare say “it’s inside but”) to settle n stuff before it’s “legit world class venue blah, blah” … I read that somewhere.

could be interested in the rear

Wow that’s pretty good, yeah you would want a few season changes to iron out any bugs and the timber to acclimatize,
Plus I know builders :wink:

Is that Felt I linked to any good or is it pants?