Corratec Road

Corratec Formula Futura pursuit road bike Columbus Genius / Max Mauro Sannino | eBay

Price is way steep, frames look rad though.

Looks like it hasn’t been ridden though.

I really like the chipped paint/worn braking surface colorway.

Admittedly I didn’t look that closely.

Are the seat stays attached to the seat tube or is it like one of those volagi bow flex contraptions?

ISTR there was one of these frames in a ridiculous in gear brisbane a while back?

Yeah sold the track model in Team Corratec colour way to a guy up here and then found the matching road version and built that for him as well!

cough adrian cough

Dubrat got it into the country. Then traded it to me for my Pogliaghi and thats how it ended up in the shop.