Cos I Could - SS TT

Started building this thing on a whim at the beginning of 2015 when I picked up the frame brand new for $99

2013 Avanti Kona frame
China 3T fork - I ordered a plain black, got the 3T logo :frowning:
Pretty much everything else is a spare or picked up super cheap on FB

Running 50/18t single speed for now

Atm its just a super commuter to try break up my geared riding, most of my riding is commuting atm anyway #cosdad

Its actually pretty fun to ride, and my first time on aero bars, so getting used to the position and the core workout is taking time

This is pretty freaking cool and different! I imagine your commute wouldnā€™t be too twisty, as i donā€™t imagine simultaneous braking and steering is easy while on the TT bars.

Yeah its fairly flat and straight without much stop start

2 traffic lights and 2-3 stop signs in 20km

needs bottle rocketsā€¦


but in all seriousness, sick. Looks fun to boot.

yeah i am trying to track down a super cheap aerospoke or trispoke for it, so far no luck

New bars (2nd hand from BM), less than $100, extensions included!

Just needs end plugs and maybe a little tapeā€¦


Recon you pull that inner chainring offā€¦ ok thanks :slight_smile:

Cool bike.

Its on the list, need shorter chainring bolts

Needs black pedals too

Getting seriousā€¦

5 spoke & disc covers :slight_smile:

I think its now completeā€¦maybe will swap back to ski bends as i find them more comfy, but the S bends def look betterā€¦