Cos we are saiiiiiling...

This is what I got for my birthday:

I don’t suppose any of you have any thoughts on little surfcats? I’m thinking Miracat 14, Windrush 14, or Hobie 16. Dunno.

I always wanted to cross Bass Straight in a Hobie 16 (Wilsons Prom->Deal Island->Flinders Island etc …)

Sooo… Hobie 16!

Edit I noticed your post time: Are you on watch? :stuck_out_tongue:

About to go into night shift eh!

I’m a bit concerned that a Hobie 16 might be a bit much to start with. Apparently they’re quite a bit more of a handful, and not as buoyant as the Miracat. I’ll probably have two onboard most of the time though, although not all of the time.

i learnt to sail cats on a windrush 14 as a teenager. something you can recover easily with one person would be a big bonus, and they’re pretty damn cheap to buy. I only sailed the hobie 16 a little and they were much faster and more of a challenge

did sail a hobie 16 a bit in my teenage years (even raced a little on one) thanks to friends family owning one. iirc they are less of a beginner boat, you can definitely get one moving on the water!