Could this be the ultimate 'cool' wheel?

Deep dish and tri-spoked carbon :roll:

and lance is riding them
As pictured here, Armstrong’s bike is equipped with a HED H3 three-spoke front – a long-standing design that is said to still be brutally fast depending on the conditions – and a newly developed H3D rear with a deeper 90mm profile that the company claims to be nearly as fast as a disc but with a lighter weight and better ride.

Side note: this is my least favourite of the custom painted treks LA has been sighted with.

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The HED-3 has always been the benchmark composite wheel for years.
You don’t see too many hipsters around with them because they cost too much I guess :expressionless:

I love the look of the 90mm deeper section rear… :sunglasses:

links, for those lazy like me…

no idea why they came out as garbage in the original post… meh :slight_smile:

actually horatio, you dont see so many because they arent resold anywhere near as much as aerospokes. and why? because they technology is still current… (or close to). you dont see A-graders lining up with aerospokes at the track, TT or in a triathalon, but you can still see people with a tri-spoke variation.

when they are sold (privately) they often go for less than an aerospoke. i think everyone i know (6 people at least) bought them for a lot less than what i’m seeing aerospokes sell for.