Courier bike advice

To our members who make their living from working on a bike, what are the things you look for in a frame, wheelset, other components?

E.g. Expensive frames because they last longer? Or cheaper frames because frames break? Something else?

Durability and reliability. Very few couriers use carbon frames.

Mid-range everything. Think the SLX of complete bikes.

Cheapest you can get so you can spend more money on Nangs.

Just don’t nang too hard:

Isn’t there a Melbs courier whom worked on a Sworks Stumpjumper until it cracked, had it replaced under warranty? Don’t know what he was given as a replacement though.

They all ride njs track bikes

Handsome dave, was replaced with the same but in 29er form (when run with 700c wheels resulted in pedal strike).
He’d destroy any bike/component regardless of cost or material though.

Lols. Typical internets.
What I thought I wrote: “Courier bike-advice”
What everyone else thought I wrote: “Courier-bike advice”