Courier Cup Update

YO, thanks to all who came down - the outfits looked dope. Thanks to Zoe, Sasha and all the ladies for being cool with us sneaking a race in after theirs.
Aight, enough thanking - the business end:


  1. The Beagle = 200 pts.
  2. Liam 2 L’s = 170
  3. Tim the Terror = 150
  4. Coffee Ben = 135
  5. Matt Glasgow = 125
  6. Blane = 115
  7. Jimmy = 105
  8. Simon = 95
  9. Michael = 85
  10. Rudi = 75
  11. Jeremy = 65
  12. Liam = 55
  13. Matt(Red Baron)= 45
  14. NikC = 35
  15. Blaine = 25
  16. Sime = 15
  17. Andee = 10
  18. Rob H.P.C. = 5
  19. Big Yellow Fever
  20. ???
  21. Brett
  22. Cale
  23. Benstauche
  24. Jamie
  25. Lauch
  26. Alan McG
  27. MLB
  28. Judit (Only girl and only one to compete in both races - Big up Swiss gal)

Best Dressed went to The Lone Ranger, he even dressed his bike up.

There were 40 entrants but those above got their manifests to me. Pip the kitten, proved his rookie status and rolled a tubular on the first corner.
70% of the couriers piked and hit the pub.

Roller racing on the 21st at Pony Bikes after xxxbrendan’s smellycat. I’m sure the results will look quite different to those of the pentacat’s so the points will get interesting.

See ya there, and remember… BALLS OUT BITCHES!

ill take 20 if you cant find anyone.

ahaha yea boi :smiley:

will the rollers be the fixed front ones from that last one at shifter? byo bikes and gear ratios?

i hope so those ones were very well built.

by very attractive men.

I knew it! :evil:

Hey bitches. The attractive men never fail to impress, MDMA represents.
The rollers will be the same sturdy fixed front fork setup, identical bikes good to go. Unfortunatelt cos it’s the family friendly film festival rum rules will not apply.
Well not exactly… For the final rounds Lane and I will be assigned a bike each and must knock back a shot for whoever wins.
Sprint ya tits off, we’ll spew our guts up!