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1.Single Speeds …
Cool right? Well mostly. I have had a fixed gear since ?94 and it is a great bike that I ride all the time. So what is the problem you ask? Here we go. Don?t race a damn single speed! You are not cool, you don?t have ?soul?, you are a tool. Why would you want to be under geared on the flats and downhill and over geared on almost every climb?

Just get some freaking gears! Want to impress anyone? Win a race with gears like the real fast people. Yeah I know Travis Brown wins ?cross races on a single speed. Guess what? You are not Travis Brown. Travis gets the exemption not you. Also if you live where there are mountains don?t even ride a single speed off road. Next time I see one of you goons pushing your bike up a hill you are getting the double barrel snot rocket as I RIDE by your walking ass on my cross bike.

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Good to see that there is a backlash against SS’ers

If you like it, do it.

It (SS) might not always make the most sense, but that’s not the point.

Oh don’t start the ‘share the love’ argument, especially on a Friday, can’t that feel good shit wait for Monday when most of can ignore it? Keep the factions fighting then there’s entertainment. I’m so shallow :wink:

Up for a race then Craig? You your fancy CX bike, me on my shitty fixie along the yarra trails single track. :twisted:

RACE YOU!!! NO fuck’n way, just as I’ve manged to get my goon bag open for the pre-race heckling, you would already be at the finish line. Besides I don’t want to get the ‘Gunnar’ dirty might affect the re-sale value :wink:

It ain’t love.

Different people, different tastes.

Spoken like a true serial killer.

This party of yours still happening???

i still hate that fucken coldplay bloke!


What brought that on? Or was it just the general hate-on-coldplay day? Wait, every day should be like that.