crack in carbon or crack in paint

my mother just got a new specialized ruby built up by her lbs with Di2, and there’s a little chip where the seatpost wedge seats in the top tube. apparently they ‘didn’t notice it’ which i find a bit sus, unless the pressure lifted it up after they tightened it down. They have contacted Specialized, but i’d prefer a second independent opinion.

Should this be something she should be worried about? (see pics below)

(yes she has a nicer bike than i have ever owned!)

IMO it’s a paint chip, caused by the seatpost wedge, and no I wouldn’t be worried about it, but if it’s a brand new frame and build, I’d be a bit pissy at the shop.

I had a paint crack near my head tube that turned out to be nothing. An easy test (not always reliable) is to see if it feels softer around that area or tap it with a small metal object to see if the carbon still resonates.

I think Geoff is on the money though, and would also be pretty unhappy with a shop that missed something like this. If it is a crack specialized will warranty or repair it if she is first owner etc.

I would say paint as well, but the LBS should be rectifying this if it’s a new bike.

yeah, new frame from the end of season sale. she’s not that worried if it’s just a paint chip, she lives in gippsland and there’s not that many good bike shops round, so she’d prefer to keep the owner happy because he’s generally really good.
thanks for the advice!

Push n Pedal in Sale?

nah, some place in warragul. i think there’s two bike shops, one in warragul and one on drouin, so not a lot of choice. good riding area though!

Ahh Chilli’s. Yeah great riding around there.

Take the post out and the wedge and see if it’s cracked on the inside

nothing to worry about, that silver paint was brittle as feck. they also overbuilt the shit out of those frames in that area. you’d be hard pressed to break it.

Appreciate the info!