Cracked frame

Has anyone got a Cromoly frame repaired? I binned my Concorde hard on a pot hole (I was pissed as a fart and it was dark, please don’t judge). So I have a hairline crack on the Top tube just behind the lug connecting to the steerer tube. I just discovered it today when I was putting on the new front wheel. I hope i can may be able to get it repaired, don’t want to lose the bike, but I suppose it could look good on the mantle piece - I’m heart broken.

Hey nurbs,

I had a hairline crack around the bottom lug on the steerer tube of my party bike (I use it for riding drunk and mucking about on :slight_smile: ), I managed to V the hairline crack and tig-weld it, then polish it smooth so it didn’t look too ugly. I havn’t had a problem with it since, despite the occasional bash, so there is hope! Is the crack in the frame around the edge of the lug, or just in the frame itself (away from the lug)?

Unfortunately I don’t know who around town will repair that kind of stuff.

Hope it works out!


The crack runs laterally around the tube about 10mm from the top of the lug. The other problem is that from certain angles the down tube seems to be a bit bent.

Judging from the damage to the front wheel and to my arms as i flew over the bars. I think the fork, which is straight flexed enough to hit the down tube (which it only had about 10mm clearance from) therefore I think they frame and especially the fork may have been compromised. I think i’ll take it to get appraised at abbotsford but I think its rooted.

Unfortunately I was to pissed to inspect the pot hole and damage at the time so I really cant remember what happened. One minute I was going down Church St towards Bridge Rd next minute I was on my face blood streaming from my arms and a sore head from the Long Necks that flew out of my bag and clobbered me.

ah you would have just come down the big hill yeah? spewin, I live just around hte corner from there.

perhaps try paconi? not sure if they would be interested in taking on frame repairs tho.

I’ve had Paconi repair a frame before. One of the seatpost binder tabs was cracking so it was a fairly minor repair, not a cracked tube.

Try Matt@Kookie. He might be able to help with the repair, or at least help with diagnosis so you can work out whether it’s feasible to repair at all.

Haven’t dealt with them personally, but they claim they can repair most broken frames.

Good luck

Ahhh that sounds “rooted” :frowning:

I hope you heal fast though!


yeah Paconi and Mr D Perkins might be up for the task, might start getting pretty xxy when you put new top and down tube in, would be interesting to find out how much they quote actually???

Well all is not as bad as it seems…

Took the frame to Abbotsford at lunch time and they said it appears to be a crack in the paint from the frame flexing, apparently the wheel sacrificed itself and took all the force. The real problem could have been the head tube - down tube lug which was fine.

The frame should be ok and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be riding it. So back on the stead tomorrow - goodbye fecken trams.

Thanks for the tips

I can think of one reason.

cycle underground repaired my concorde when a c u n t from wang took out my wheel.

One of the best in Australia.

Running your eyes over a frame is a little different from putting it in a jig and running your eyes over it.

good luck

Hmmm, if not the McJig maybe take a bit of paint off to prove the theory?

Lets just say I’m putting alot of trust in an opinion (mind you someone who knows a heck of alot more about this than me).

I built it up last night and took it for a quick spin, seemed like nothing had changed. I’ll just be gentle with it and see how it goes, whilst at the same time look for a replacement.

Ahh, I love the ozzy approach of “we’ll just go for a beer and see if she doesn’t come good”

Even though I trust the Abbotsford guys, I might get my old man to have a look he’s an engineer and restores motorcycles so I assume he can have a look.

In all honesty I think I got a bit despondent about the whole thing after having to replace the front wheel and bars. If I get around to it ill post an image, it really isn’t as bad as I originally tyhought… She’ll be right mate