Cracked Seat Stays on Steel Frame

Hello all,

I have a lovely Farleigh steel frame from the 80s but unfortunately the seat stays have cracked / snapped.

When I say cracked I mean, the stay is no longer joined to the rest of the frame.

The shape of the frame is still intact. I was able to push the stay back into place so it seems like a fracture that has resulted from poor storage/age.

[1] Can the frame be repaired or is it pretty much stuffed? I assume it will at least need to be welded again.

[2] If it can be repaired, who does it and any ideas on cost?


It probably can. Tell us where you live and I’m sure someone will be able to point you too a quality frame builder that can do the repairs. It will not be cheap though.

if in Melb, Cog Cafe in mt eveyn should be able to help you

on second thought

Buy a new bike

Get it repaired AND buy a new bike.

Thanks for the replies.

I do have a new bike. It would be a shame to throw the frame out though.

I live in Carlton. Whatthekoon, where could I go?

Is anyone interested in the frame?

I should mention it is 52cm from bottom bracket to top of seat tube

Try Fitzroy.