Cracking carbon fibre seatpost?

Hey guys, I’ve got myself a reasonable quality Felt road bike. One thing that Felt is famous for is upspecing some components, whilst downgrading other (often critical) components. :evil:
This is the case with my Felt F55.
One such area they didn’t invest much into was the saddle- probably the worst ‘Selle Italia’ knock off I’ve ever seen. In fact it cracked in two last year so that was the end of that. Now another component is failing me:

I’m not riding on it of course. What are your thoughts? It is a carbon fibre seatpost with an aluminium top part. The tubing is all carbon fibre.

Bin it.


email these pics to the felt distributor or take it in to the place of purchase. Actually, do both.

A lot of brands will have a one year warranty on the parts of their complete bikes for manufacturing and material defects(if it is within warranty) and they may replace it for you.

hope it works out for you.

It’s an unusual place for a crack. Cracks for posts usual occur at the clamp area or where it inserts into the frame. The metal clamp section separating from the fibre post perhaps?

Isn’t it law (or regulation) in Australia that retailers have to provide a one year warranty on products even if the manufacturers don’t?

Thanks for the thoughts concerning the warranty however the bike is definitely older than one year. In fact I bought it secondhand from someone in Sydney. I think I’ll email the pics to the Australian distributor just out of interest.
I always had a suspicion that cheaper mass-produced carbon fibre might fail prematurely- and this experience suggests this. Alloy seatposts all the way!


Due to the bend in the post and where the load is applied (above and from the rear (rear, get it?)) that location is under tension due to the bending moment.

If you were to section the post, you might also find an internal change in section or metal insert at the crack location, causing a stress raiser.

Who is the Australian Felt distributor out of interest?

ask for murry (murray?) at southcott, theyre in braeside
(melbourne) they will prob exchange for you at the warehouse if you
take it in theyre not bad blokes.

also the reason its cracked were it has is because its prob lugged and the glue sometimes comes unsettled a little
and if the top alloy section moves in the slightest it will crack the clear coat which makes it look cracked.
keep riding it mine has a snap through the rear wishbone and it still goes @ 80 down back of arthurs seat :evil:

A seat and a seatpost?! Maybe your anatomy is to blame? :evil:

Swap it for a polished nitto!

I would advise against this. A mate of mine’s seatpost sheared while he was riding it. the thing broke in such a way that it became an expensive spike. he was lucky that all he got was the crotch ripped out of his shorts when he landed on the rear wheel and not a new arsehole.

My favourite 2 words: catastrophic failure