Crank arm length??

I was looking at getting a new crankset and went out to measure my old ones(and old crappy road chainring set with the inner chainring removed) and i measured them as 190mm. That is from end to end of the crank. This seems a bit long to me. Am i measuring them right or are theny just rather long?

Measure centre crank bolt to centre pedal hole.

Though most cranks say the length on the back.

:oops: thanks.

Should usually be between 165 and 175mm.

i’m thinking of changing my 170mm cranks for 165, just to avoid my toeclips hitting the ground sometimes, but will i notice the drop in torque? my legs aren’t that long -shorter cranks might be better for spinning faster, right?

yeah, it should be easie r to spin faster. though whether 5 mm would make a noticeable difference, i’m not sure of.

Fixed that for you :smiley:

Fixed that for you.


Fixed that for you.