Cranks rubbing on drive side cup


I am building up a track frame using a Sugino 75 BB (ISO) which I sourced in order to run my 170mm Galli Pista cranks (ISO also (I believe, if anyone has other ideas, that would be great)).

You probably thought when you saw the topic, that I should just get a longer BB axle but I have done a good amount of research in building up this setup which suggests that it should be correct.

Research includes:

(Galli Pista cranks using a 109mm Campy Veloce BB (ISO taper))

The Miche Primato BB has two adjustable cups, rather than one adjustable and one fixed, and it does (allegedly-never got to try it) offer fine adjustment of chainline. I can’t say for sure that it will work perfectly chainlinewise with anything other than the matching Miche crank, but it has an ISO spindle, so Campagnolo, Mavic, Ofmega, Galli, etc. will fit
the taper. I bought it with the intention of buying the Primato crank this week for a project which got interrupted when I decided the intended frame was too big at 56cm c-t. My Bianchi will be a 53. I’m a hair under 5’10" and ride a road 55, so the standover (30.5" with 23mm tires) should fit me just fine, esp. with the 28mm Contis I intend to use. Great tires as far as clinchers go, and the prettiest gumwalls in the business, bar none. I sure hope 28s will fit in the rear triangle.

I installed the cranks and BB on the frame, and all seemed to be ok, until I finally tightened the bolts up on the cranks. They tightened right up to the drive side (fixed) cup of the BB but had heaps of taper left on the non drive side.

This made me a bit mad, I tried to turn the cranks a bit by hand, and found they were just rubbing in one spot mainly. It leads me to believe I may be missing something in my thinking.

So, my question is, does anyone have experience with Galli Pista cranks and what length BB spindle they may need (that opposes the views in the links above)? (knowing that they are a relatively elusive commodity now)

Or alternatively:

Do you think that facing the frame on the BB help, might it just be that the cups are not quite square?

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give.

I guess if after building it up and they hit, you need a longer spindle. Double-check the taper.

where can you buy just the axles? im having some chainline issues with 2 builds im making.

i probably shouldnt try hijack this thread hey