Crankset and Wheels for Pista?

Good point… Buy my cross lever from here

Unfortunately i only have a frame and forks at the moment.

oH did u won the pista frame off ebay?? Just wondering…

I will soon have a spare crankset and BB - Ultegra 172.5 and BB6500 in reasonable condition.

I got the frame off a mate, who never got around to building it up.

Hows going with the build??


I’m still considering my options. Not sure at the moment to go for a cheapy cranks and really good hubs and wheels and then later upgrade the cranks, or to go for a compromise of both and stick with it.

Also quite sadly i’m considering wether to go for black wheels or silver :slight_smile:

Black rims, black spokes and black hub…brass nipples.

What’s your buget? Alot of cheapy cranks will work fine. But “cheapy” hubs are more likely to fail than cheapy cranks and are usually more expensive to replace. Put as much $$$ into your wheels as you can and get the best that you can afford. Alot of guys (including myself) on this forum have been running old 2nd hand low-buget shimano/sugino/suntour/etc for years with no problems.


it was a little back in this thread but , discussing US shipping of stuffs…
has anyone brought anything from bens and had it shipped to AUS?

havent had stuff shipped to Aus from bens, but have bought a lot of kit and had it shipped within the staes, and theyre quick and cheerful. id trust them to get it right if they say they will.

I’ve used then 3-4 times, always good service, they can also get anything in the QBP catalogue that you can search up on or elsewhere.

yeah. there is another lurker :evil: on the forum who said they haven’t had any problems either so that is three thumbs up. might be worth a look at then