Crankset and Wheels for Pista?

I’m currently building up a Bianchi Pista for road use, mostly as a commuter. I’m also aiming to make it look quite good.

Does any one have any suggestions on a good set of wheels and crankset?

Also it seems that the Pista comes with 170mm cranks, which are drilled at 165mm, so i figure i should be going for a 165mm.

I will also be looking for a flat bar too.


<a href=“http://,3097.0.html/”>Vee-dub</a> has got some stuff for sale, you could also try Andy at <a href=“http://”></a>.

I’ve been looking at the Sugino XD crankset that looks quite good, the price is nice and its also quite light.

Also considering velocity deep V wheels

get urself a set of Sugino 75…XD aint that good cause of chainline issue i think. U need a 107mm spinal as i know.

If your worried about weight on a fixie, I’d suggest eating less cream buns.


Yer and dont use DEEP Vs…they r heavy. Look into open pro.

The Open Pro’s look good. What sort of weight different is there between these and the Velocity Deep V’s?

Weight is not a huge concern, but its always in the back of my mind.

Deep V’s are heavier, but they are also a fantastically resilient rim if weight is not a massive concern. As this is a road/street bike, the occasional riding off gutters and potholes will pose no problems for the DV’s.
High recommended rim.

I’m a big fan of OpenPros. Never tried Deep Vs but my rim is still true after catching a branch and causing the frame to buckle.

Ok i’m only a small guy so i should be able to get away with the Open Pro’s. I’m thinking now i may go for the open pro rim and maybe surly hubs.

I’ll also look into the Sugino 75 crank.

Feeling a bit over whelmed with it all at the moment!

i’m 100+Kg of fat ass messenger.
riding down gutters 100 times a day, up gutters 100 times a day, and down the occasional flight of tseps on my open pro’s.
they are still dead straight after 12 months of almost constant use.
zookes CPX33’s are the same, and they used to be my old rims, they are really good as well.
can’t recommend the open pro’s enough.
and as i’ve said so often before, i don’t really rate the velocity rims as much as every one else seems to. they aren’t welded, are pretty heavy, and the alloy isn’t as good a quality as the open pros.
the only two real advantages are 1) they are pretty cheap, and 2) they are australian.
guess it depends if you want good, or aussie.

I’m thinking at this stage, i’m just going to have to lock myself into at least some components. So i’ll lock myself in with the rims as Open Pro’s.

Now with the hub what spacing will i need? The hubs i’m looking at are Dura Ace and Surly, although there seem to be alot of different options like ones from Miche (cheaper) and a miriad of different brands.

Maybe i could just get away with something cheaper with the hubs.

This could end up being quite a long thread :slight_smile:
Thanks for every ones help so far.

Hey man

Here you go:

Rims: Open Pro
Spokes: DT Swiss
Hub: Formula or Novatech
Lockring: Shimano (if the hub dont come with one)
Crank: Sugino75

For the hubs right…MICHE, Dura-Ace are awesome…surly i rather get FORMULAs…not that surly is crap but Formula is cheaper and good to abuse on the road.

i’m running the miche primato hubs.
brilliant hub, rock solid, and cheap to buy.
and it’s campy threaded so expect to pay a retardedly high price for locking rings, locking nuts, and track nuts. and the axles are quite short so it’s hard to get a good fit if you are using an alloy frame and chain tensioner.
good hubs though and look great.

I found a cheap source of Dura Ace hubs the other day:

About $185 for a track hubset landed, high flange for a little more.

Contacted him…he said i need to add $12 post for extra item.

No. You can never get away with a cheap hub on a fixie. Your drive is the most important part of your fixie. Spend as much as you can there. This is not a part you want to save money on.


You want cheap wheels that work?

Try these

They may be inexpensive, but they’re not cheap.

I’ve been running a pair for 6 months now, as has my GF.

Formula hubs are sealed and serviceable. Mavic rims are better than Velocity (lighter, better looking for the price). And the set I received were even built nice and straight and haven’t needed truing.

They’re not bling, but they will do the job and look pretty good. And with the USD exchange rate at the moment, they’re about half the price as the same wheelset bought and built locally.

They’re not the patriotic option… :wink:

Hang on…

You have a complete Bianchi Pista that you want to use on the road?

Forget about all the other crap - it’s already a good-looking bike. Just put on a cross lever and a front brake. Ride it. Done.