Wanted to ask…I have an omnium which I don’t mind, it’s probably the best crankset I’ve owned, not by design, it just came with the bike I bought. But I’ve had an offer to sell it, and I was going to replace it with a full black version, not going to cost me anything, but aesthetically it’s better looking for my bike.

But the transaction has brought out the research part of me, as to what else is out there…specifically the Miche Primato…it’s cheaper so assume there is some level of quality drop off, but not sure if I would even notice it. The previous bikes I’ve owned, the crank sets have been of good quality but not branded or very expensive, and they served me well.

The thing about the Primato is that I would have been perfectly happy with it if I bought a cinelli Vig…and I do like the look…but now that I’ve had the omnium, I’m wondering if I’m now use to riding something superior and will notice the difference and be shitty that I changed.

Riding will be street riding only for now…hope to do track, but ill probably end up getting a different bike for track anyway.

Any thoughts or experience would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll most likely not notice a difference but why would you want to downgrade? Oh and I’ve heard many folks speak badly of the Miche BB.

I love my omnium crank - I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Thinking about swapping the chainring for something “sexier” - NFI what though.
But I roll a black colossi SS so they look great enough

If I had Om-nom-noms I wouldn’t be selling them.

Ive ran miche on a few bikes and never had an issue with them, having said that i only ran them because they were about half the price of omniums.

As GH says, you probably wont notice a difference. But id stick with omniums, if anything your bike will have more resale value when the time comes.

Ok…i’ll go with option 1 then…sounds like omnium isn’t just hype then.

Luke could only afford the non drive side.