Cranky Sunday's Ride

Hey Guys
Looking at doing my first cranky Sunday ride this Sunday.Just want to know what time and were everyone meets and will i need to bring a lock etc.From what i remember we meet on cnr of Latrobe st and swanston streets.If i am wrong could someone please correct me :slight_smile: looking forward to the ride.

Cheers Brad

Meets at Heist at high noon.

Cheers Bud

hey brad,always good to ride with new cats,.We meet at the heist on little latrobe street at 12 then head out from there.pray for some sunshine!

The weather aint looking to flash for the weekend cloudy with showers…so whats the go if its raining???im keen to get out and ride eather way

Cheers Brad

if its absolutely pissing down it will be mellow,we have ridden in the rain plenty of times,but you wont get as many peeps rolling,if your not feeling it m8 theres always next week…

I’ll be there rain hail or sunshine.A little bit of rain don’t hurt no one i guess it will seperate the boy’s from the girl’s

Cheers Brad

we’ve had girls riding in the rain…

all it separates is people who dont mind riding in the rain from people who dont feel like riding in the rain.

excellent response. this ain’t no penis party. everyone is invited.

rain’s good for skiddies too - woop woop
just don’t bin it

the penis party is afterward, behind the boat shed.

remember; what happens on a ride, stays on a ride.

photographer on sunday was Trevor if you’re interested. Nice bloke, Hi Trevor. We fell off the back just before Nepean Hwy for a few nature photos hope you all had a good ride.