CRC no longer ship Mavic Open Pros to AUS!

Noooo! So where do us tight arse cyclists buy them from now?

Are you sure? When I ordered yours last year the site said EU only but they never complained and sent them without a fuss.

yeah pretty sure it has always said this but they’ll still send them

I got mine without incident 12 months ago

^ Yes a few months ago you could order them no problems, but I just checked yesterday and they have a special ‘we cannot ship this to Australia’ note- ie you can’t even put them in your ‘cart’. But you can still buy other Mavic products. Maybe it’s just not cost effective enough for CRC the cost per volume of the shipping of rims?

How many sets of open pros do you need? Or do you just try and order them every few months for the hell of it?

It would only be my second set!

Because Groupe Sportif is the sole distributor for Mavic in Australia.

Yes of course- but it’s interesting they have just made this change, and you can still purchase the rest of the Mavic range inc. wheels from CRC.

interesting, I don’t know the answer, but I do know I set my LBS the task of getting some bog standard silver OP rims in 32h for me, since they had none in stock. This was about 2 years ago. They reported the distributor was waiting on a shipment and there were none in Australia. Remember, this is bog standard 32h Open Pro alloy rims, at a time when Mavic were (appeared) almost completely focussed on selling factory built wheelsets (Ksyriums, Aksiums, stuff).

After one month the LBS reported no progress had been made. I asked them to follow up. After two months they reported a shipment was expected withing the next few weeks. Date of availability unknown. After three months there was still no sign of either the shipment, or the pair of rims in question, nor was there an anticipated date. I asked them to find out what was so goddam fucking special about these rims and could they get me an answer which made any kind of sense. I went ahead with my plans and built a set of wheels using 36h OPs which I has sourced elsewhere. After three and a half months I cancelled my order* because I could not get either a reasonable reply through the LBS nor could I get any indication of delivery date, obviously. You may conclude the LBS was rather embarrassed at being unable to supply the rims required, and assured me they would continue trying to get them ‘just to have a pair in the shop’ and because they were kinda interested in the issue also, by that point.

  • I have no idea if they ever turned up. My ‘LBS’ is not in Buttfuck, Montana, it is a longserving and well regarded roadie shop which sells as much Campangnolo Record as it does Shimano Tiagra, I expect.

Don’t know if this interests you Horatio, but I only saved $50 getting those rims online at the time. Melbourne Bicycle Centre in Clifton Hill said they could order a pair of rims for me for $200

You can get them at evanscycles, $120 for a pair , free delivery .

Just buy something else. Don’t obsess over one part man.

Velocity Razor, for instance, is very similar. Eerily similar.

  • Joel

They are a good rim which I like and are highly regarded. Pay local $109.00 ea or $50.00 on CRC. Yes I like to make my money go as far as possible.

There’s always these…

nuh-uh. i was looking at mavic ellipses last night on CRC, says WE DO NOT POST THIS SHIZ TO OZ!!!

Want some beautiful blue Ambrosios? rounder and stronger (and blue)

Do you accept cash?

Hell yes. PM me to discuss terms.