I recently built up an old OCR frame for commuting! Bike cost me $0 from all old parts I have scored or found.
Using a set of basic shimano hollowtech cranks.

When pedaling there is a very loud creek/noise.
Even sometimes when not pedaling I get the noise. (Weight on the pedals)

Iv tried:

  • Different pedals
  • Replaced BB with new
  • Tight chain ring bolts

Any thoughts?

Said bike:

Maybe where the axle mounts to the spider?- I’ve seen this on some MTB cranks. Though some shimano models are all one piece from memory.

If its the case (i.e. it was a spider/axle join) put some lube in there and see if it goes away.


Try a bit of lube on that seat post…

What he said

Learn to love the creak.

Just as long as it doesn’t turn into a river.

Seatpost/saddle clamp

in order of most likely.

  • grease BB threads
  • bars need to be removed and surfaces cleaned
  • skewers, clean drop outs lightly grease
  • lube seat post
  • cracked frame in BB area (seen lots of these OCR’s just behind the little ring.)
  • clamp at the seat not the frame

think I’ve got most of the usual suspects.

Qr’s cleaned.
Checked hanger bolts.
Clean bars and stem surfaces.

I have a horrible feeling its cracked.

did you re-greae the the threads on th qr’s??

Tried another set of wheels and still noise is there!

BB threads, cranks bolts greased and torqued to specs.

Make noise if your out of the saddle?
Chain ring bolts?
Headset/top cap ?

Chain ring bolts tight.
Headset tight and spacers cleaned.

Noise is both sitting and standing!

I’m thinking crack

Fucking gremlins, man. You’ll never escape them

Im going to try another set of cranks in it.
Hopefully can get a lend of some from a buddy!

Put all the bits on a different frame, if you get the same noise, it’s probably not a crack.

Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?

What if you put all new parts on the old frame and get a different noise?