Croatia - tips please

All right collective tourists! Anyone been to Croatia? I am heading there for a month this year - taking the inlaws back to their home towns for the first time since coming to Australia… then when they are nice and comfortable being back in their home land, we are going to ditch them and head off on our own.

Now, I have no idea about it other than it partly being decimated by a dragon in a medieval documentary that aired on HBO last year.

I will be heading there in September and hopefully skipping the bulk tourist time.


Talk to Papa Spiz. Not sure if exactly Croatia, but he definitely has some knowledge of that region.

Ahhh good thinking. Wonder how that boy is going!

Let’s try this:

Hey @Spirito, where you at?

Where about you going? My dads family is from Hvar and Podgora. In the last few years two of my brothers have married into a Montenegrin/Albanian family (seriously they married second cousins). They’ve all been back and so have my folks a few times now. It’s on the list for wife and I soon hopefully.

Aside from Dubrovnik which one should go to, they talk highly of Hvar, Brač, Split. Mostly the Dalmatian coast since that’s our home. Also the Plitvice Lakes national park. That looks insanely amazing.

Went a few years back and stayed a week in Živogošće, pre-peak season it was very quiet with very beautiful beaches. Nice place to laze about in the sun. Dubrovnik was a big city (we were in the old town with all the other foreigners), worth being a tourist and hanging round but probably only a day or so IMHO. Go further south down to Gruda and check out restaurant Koraćeva Kuća for amazing food.

Not strictly Croatia but we did rode the Ciro trail up through Bosnia if you have time, highly recommended for sure!

Thanks legends, All of those places are on our list @JimmyJ

When I land (the family would have already been there for a couple of weeks), Vee and I will get a car and check out Plitvička Jezera then up to Istria area (north west tasmania shaped area). Then working our way down to Split to get on a boat and sail around for a week. All this is just rough planning at this stage.

So randomly my dad started re-posting Croatia pics on his gram.

Krka National Park is also cool.
If you end up on Hvar but at the other end of the island from the good bit you’ll be in Sucuraj. Ask for the Juricevich family! There ain’t many people there…they won’t understand a thing you try to explain to them but maybe one of my uncles can take you on a fishing charter or something.

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Yup - Krka NP is on the list :slight_smile:

My wife speaks Croation so that is going to be handy!