Cruisy Canberra rides?

Hi all,

Heading to Canberra for a few days with the better half. What would you suggest for some easy path rides with some gravel if necessary? Am thinking 20-40km max. I see there are a few loops around Lake Burley Griffin, but is there anything else that we should not miss that’s not so obvious?

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Ayyyyy! Canberra is looking beautiful at the moment with the Autumn colours hitting – I suggest doing the full lake loop, you can even add in some dirt riding at the Arboretum if you’d like… but the lake loop is great for a chilled ride. Plenty of options for stopping for coffees and snacks along the way.

  1. New Acton area - Good cafe (mocan and green grout)
  2. You can ride up into the Arboretum here, firetrails etc. Can get a bit steep for new riders if you want to get to the top.
  3. Governor general’s house - Dunrossil Drive is quite a pretty place for a pic
  4. Snapper on the Lake fish and chips… good place to just sit and watch, there may be some sail boats on the lake - Snapper on the Lake - Canberra
  5. National Gallery of Australia - You can ride slowly through the sculpture garden and then head over to the south of the Gallery and check out James Turrell’s Within Without - National Gallery's James Turrell Within WIthout 2010
  6. Kingston Foreshore area - Cafes and restaurants - nothing really of note here.
  7. Capital Brewing Co.
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EzyLee, you are a legend! Perfect description. We had a plan to hit Bentspoke brewery up as well over the next few days. We are down near Stirling Park and plan to just do some exploring around the place over the next couple of days. Thank you for being kind enough to share this.

Bentspoke is great - a lot of choice! Highly recommend doing some tasters before settling on a fav. Its perfect weather out there!

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We hit Capital Brewery on the bikes yesterday, which was pretty darn tasty. The blood orange NEIPA hit the spot. Bentspoke tomorrow, even if the weather is meh. Thank you again :slight_smile:

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