Crumpler The Local Identity [S] Backpack

I have a lot of time on my hands today, and thought I’d brag about my latest backpack purchase from Crumpler.

Local Identity [S] - Laptop

This is the smallest model in Crumplers “Identity” series of backpacks, but I feel it meets all my requirements as far as size goes for my daily commutes. I have found it extremely spacious and very versatile. Before purchasing this bag, I was using a Nike 6.0 Triad backpack; which I found was really big, but didn’t have enough useful space, and wasn’t waterproof.

The Local Identity [S] is a roll top style backpack. Constructed of heavy duty waterproof material, I don’t have to hesitate riding to school in Melbourne weather, with books in my bag. The bag is divided in the middle, which separates the top section from the bottom. The bottom section can easily be accessed from either side of the bag, via the side zippers. The top section can be accessed via the zip open/close roll top. The zips are very strong, and are also fully waterproof. The shoulder straps are very sturdy, and extremely comfortable, they have a removable chest brace type buckle as well.

The interior divider of the bag can be un-ziped and stowed away in a dedicated pocket within the bags lining. This allows the bags full capacity to be used. I have A3 studio folders, cylindrical tubes, shoe boxes and even a full case of beer in the bag. The interior is a vibrant green, and has pockets for your phones, keys and wallet. and a in-built sleeve for your mac book or laptop.

I paid $150 (on sale) for this bag, and it included a small camera case, that fits in the sub divided bottom section perfectly. I think it was a worth-while investment, considering how much more comfortable it is compared to my previous bag.

Overall, its a great bag. Over the previous 3 months I have used this bag, it has proven to be extremely versatile, and very waterproof. I would highly recommend it to anyone whom is after a strong, durable and waterproof bag, that is still compact enough to fit in a locker at school or work, but still offers heaps of options, and, as I said, can fit a case of beer on the odd occasion.