Crust Evasion

I’m not much of a photographer, or much of a wordsmith; but wanted to post this up.

This build has been a bit of a pipedream since I first saw a built up Evasion somewhere on the net back around January 2017. My Surly bikepacking rig at the time didn’t feel quite right, and this frame seemed to have an answer to all of my niggles with it. Everything came to quick fruition after the most recent run of frames came available a couple months ago.

Not the most imaginative Evasion build, but I’m so happy with the setup. Props to @wetburrito and @hobocross on instagram for the build inspo. Huge props to Matt from Crust for being a legend in getting a frameset to me. Props also need to go to those who helped me with the build (Scott, Andy, Gypsy, Bennet).

A couple of shakedown rides, and a broken rim later… I’m putting this up. Couldn’t be more stoked on how this rig feels and performs. So much fun. Sticks to walls, carves down trails. So much stoke.

Frame/Fork: Crust Evasion w/Chris King Headset
Groupset: Sram Eagle GX 10-50
Brakes: Avid BB7
Chainring: Wolftooth 28t
Pedals: Jetblack platforms
Saddle/Post: Concor/Nitto CF 65
Stem/Bars: Generic stem/Jones H Bars with Mash Oil Slick Ends
Front Wheel: SP Dynamo to WTB Scraper with WTB Ranger 3.0
Rear Wheel: Hope to WTB Scraper with WTB Ranger 3.0
Rack/Basket: Surly 24pack rack/Wald 139 (tha big boy)
Cages: Lezyne power cage on inside of frame, King Cage on bottom of downtube
Headlight: Sinewave Beacon with B&M Mount stabilized by a custom Bretto brace
Bags: Mostly Stealth from NZ -Revelate Half frame bag (with Geelong Cats patch)

Really like this, excellent parts mix with not too many F’s given about being matchy matchy.


Yeah sick

Yeah sweet! May I ask what the inner tube wrapped on the top of the seat stays is for? Reduce friction for a Carradice?

Cool bike.

Anybody test the catapult in the 3rd pic?

Cheers all.
Adktz: You’re right. The wrap at the top of the seatstays is for seatbag frame rub. I run a (torpedo style) Stealth Pack Horse seat bag, and when stuffed to the gills, it’ll rub a little bit.
Lambchop: Neh -I’ve gambled against -and lost to- the universe enough this year to know I shouldn’t mess with found catapults. Maybz if it’s still there on NYE I’ll give it a stomp. Luck recharges yearly, right?

Superior adventure machine. Have seen it in action and was pleased.

Stoked on ya stoke, F’n sic bro.

Nice! Looks like a crap tonne of fun :cool:

Dunno if this is the right place to ask, but can you or anyone else give insights into the virtues of Evasions vs Scapegoats? I think I’d like a Scapegoat

I think that, in general, the scapegoat is a much beefier frameset. Can fit full fat tyres and 29er wheels. The Evasion is based around a 26+ wheelset (it’ll fit a 650b set with slightly smaller tyres too). Both bikes want a one by setup.

Scapegoat is a Defender, Evasion is a Baja Buggy

I like the way you think

I think the Evasion is marketed as a rando bike on steroids. Maybe a little more road-oriented, perhaps akin to the Raddonneur.
Scapegoat is more of a MTB geo-wise. I guess it’s a little more burly (ability to run 4.8" tires), so more capable for more gnarly bikepacking adventures.

I love this bike btw!

finish building your stanton first! :stuck_out_tongue:


This bike, coupled with harry ‘enabler’ lemontimes, has resulted in my pre-ordering an evasion frame (there’ll be a few coming soon to aus!)

Damn you all!

What a fantastic decision, m8. You go with the purple or the orange/yellow colour??

ur welcome

if anyone else is on the fence about any purchases hit me up and ill tell you to buy it

I didn’t even want to purchase anything this morning!

That’s a damn lie and you know it.